norma (taketotheskyyy) wrote in initial_dee,

the movie is in chinese. they got a famous taiwanese singer to star, and given his chinese isnt as great as this taiwanese, there has been certain criticisms. its not the same as the manga/anime. rx7 was missing. so hence and so forth. but. yes. you get the idea.

i dont know if you guys get it in america. i'd try cinemas in chinatown. i'm from syd. australia and they only screened it in the chinatown cinemas here. i'm not a huge initial d fan.. just wanted to share this with those of you who are. cos i havent heard you americans hype about it yet. lol. yes. theres also rumors about a sequel.

as for anime . . ep15&16 are out. 15 is subbed in english. still waiting on 16.

i'm gonna leave this community now. i'm really not a initial d fan. just.. . saying hi?

xoxoxo have fun.
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