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the movie is in chinese. they got a famous taiwanese singer to star, and given his chinese isnt as great as this taiwanese, there has been certain criticisms. its not the same as the manga/anime. rx7 was missing. so hence and so forth. but. yes. you get the idea.

i dont know if you guys get it in america. i'd try cinemas in chinatown. i'm from syd. australia and they only screened it in the chinatown cinemas here. i'm not a huge initial d fan.. just wanted to share this with those of you who are. cos i havent heard you americans hype about it yet. lol. yes. theres also rumors about a sequel.

as for anime . . ep15&16 are out. 15 is subbed in english. still waiting on 16.

i'm gonna leave this community now. i'm really not a initial d fan. just.. . saying hi?

xoxoxo have fun.

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haha cool as, an initial D group. so wats goin on, wat do you guys drive? what levels? which game? c'mon lets get this dealy on the road...... stats people

well in version 2 i have an white FD RX7 with a few mods, i have 4 stars though i'm still a little foggy on what they exactly mean, i heard somewhere that you can race for stars or something..... meh and yea i just completed myogi course. and on version 3 i have an Evo V1 but that one's still a bit new so yeah

wats up with you guys?
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hey i just joined, i play the arcade game when i have time to and watch the dvd's all the time. i'm a little disappointed to see that SW20 is missing from the interests, jk. anyways glad to be aboard.

Hello Everyone

Hope your finding this community helps to releive some of that stress you've had about not finding an Initial D community anywhere in LiveJournal land.

I'm currently working on a simple and clean layout for the community, so hopefully everyone will be okay with the color scheme and such.

Looking forward to any Initial-D discussions about the anime, manga, arcade games (version 1-3), and also Special Stage for Playstation 2.

Feel free to post about cars and drifting and tofu as well.